You won't see me on a pole without DewPoint - This is the best body grip I have ever found and I use it at every training session, performance and competition.

It is the 'must have' product for ever aerialist and pole dancer.

Dewpoint Body Grip - 

Featuring an easy spray top, and available in 3 different formulas; you're gonna LOVE your 4.5 oz Dew Point!

  • Light: Works well in humid climates and/or for people who have normal to oily skin.
  • Medium: Works well in average to humid climates and/or for people with dry to normal skin.
  • Ultra: Works well in dry to normal climates and/or for people with very dry to normal skin.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Phenoxylethanol and Calphryl Glycol

Dew Point Hand Grip - 

Preservative free chalk based grip aid. Pairs great with your Dew Point formula! 

Available in regular and ultra strength.

 *Reactivate before Reapplying. 

Spray a little isopropyl alcohol/water on a towel and pat on your hands and body to reactivate the formula! 

Dew Point Glitter Body Grip - 

Pole sprays available in the 3 classic formulas, just got more fabulous!

Add a little sparkle to your next pole performance or pole class with our glitter spray.


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