In 2017 my Mimi was asked to be the first child to perform at PoleExpo in Las Vegas which was a fantastic opportunity for her that she simply could not miss out on.

Luckily Mimi was already going to be in the USA as she was competing with Daniel Rosen at Pole Theatre USA in a beautiful routine about a Father and Daughter which you can see their below the photo section on this page.


Mimi and her mum decided to make a road trip out of the working trip and worked out a route taking in some of America's most beautiful sights.

They started in Los Angeles, drove to Denver through Las Vegas, Mesiquite, Green River and Glenwood Springs where they met Dan to compete at Pole Theatre USA and then they traveled with Dan through Moab, Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon to the Las Vegas PoleExpo destination.


Mimi got to train at Muscle beach, paddle in the sea on Malibu beach and she even had a portable pole with her for photo opportunities along the way, however having a car accident 24hrs into the trip wasn't planned.


A truly fantastic trip full of excitement.

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