11/03/21 - Mimi is currently writing a series of blogs called 'Through My Eyes' for her sponsor Wink.

Mimi is telling her story for the first time on how she has seen growing up in the pole world, voicing her experiences in her own voice.

You can see these blogs first on the Wink website so make sure you check them out.

10/03/21 - Did you know?

Some of Mimi's previous routines are available to see on her website?


Including her first ever pole competition at BPSC in 2016 with her sassy routine to 'Dear Future Husband' choreographed by Daniel Rosen and Kelly James.


Click BPSC 2016 to see her first competitive routine.

04/01/21 - Due to Covid-19 Mimi is having to train at home as her studio is sadly closed but don't let that fool you, Mimi is training harder than ever.


Mimi is being home-schooled which means that she can train almost everyday as she has more time and not being able to go out due to lockdown she is making the most of using her energy to train more on the pole.

02/02/21 - If you didn't already know, Mimi is on Instagram!!! Yayyyyyyyy!!!


Follow her pole journey by clicking this link

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