Mimi is honoured to be working with some leading brands within the pole and fitness industry.



Mimi is Wink Fitness Wear's first and only youth brand ambassador.

At just 10 years old Mimi was asked to attend a photo shoot to launch Wink's first youth clothing range. It was an honour to have been a part of such an important launch and Mimi loved every minute.

Wink very quickly became Mimi's favorite pole clothing brand, not only for the style and funky designs but also because the sizing was brilliant and the clothes were comfortable to wear and train in. Every penny of Mimi's Christmas and Birthday money was spent on Wink wear, she couldn't wait to see the next designs. A few months later Sarah McClymont asked if Mimi would like to be her first youth fitness ambassador and Mimi was over the moon!!

Mimi is excited about her future with Wink and believes there is nothing she can't do with Sarah and Wink backing her - Thank you Sarah for this wonderful opportunity.

Wink Fitness Wear is available from www.winkfitnesswear.com



Mimi became a Dew Point Athlete after meeting Shay at PoleExpo in Las Vegas in 2017.

Dew Point Pole is a grip aid that also moisturizes your skin while increasing your grip on the pole.

It is a must for safety while performing, competing and training.

Dew Point is oil free, not tacky, greasy or chalky and it is available in Light, Medium and Ultra. Mimi is so happy to be working with another amazing company. 

Have a look at Dew Point's

Website www.dewpointpole.com



Mimi has became a Brand Ambassador after meeting James and his team at Pole World Festival and UKPPC in 2018. Mimi had to have an emergency operation on her hand and James kindly helped her with her rehab by giving her tools and advice to strengthen her hand.

Mimi is honoured to be working with Power Grip Sports. 

Have a look her section and what they have to offer from grip, clothing and training aids. They cover a wide range of sports including Football, Golf, Climbing, Boxing, Athletics and Water Sports at www.powergripsport.co.uk



Spin City Brimpton is where Mimi trains on a daily basis.

Ruth, Hannah and George are Mimi's Instructors and they have been supporting her from the first day she started.

Ruth has paved the way for Mimi and she will always be 'Ruth's girl' no matter where her pole journey takes her.

Thank you Spin City Brimpton!

If you are interested in taking classes at Spin City Brimpton have a look at their website www.spincitybrimpton.com



Ruth Mills/Vass is the person who looks over any of Mimi's injuries and keeps a check on how Mimi is growing to make sure all is ok with her physical health.

If you are looking for a Sports Injury Therapist the Ruth is the person to go to. Have a look at her website - 



Ruth was also Mimi's first sponsor, Ruth is the reason Mimi started pole.

Ruth looked at the gappy teethed little 6 year old while she was pleading with her to teach her pole and saw potential and determination so she agreed to teach Mimi with one-to-one lessons..... When everyone else said NO, Ruth said YES!!

We will be forever grateful and can't ever thank you enough! 

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