Since the day Mimi heard about pole competitions Mimi always dreamed of being  good enough to be able to compete representing the UK.


When Mimi heard that the 2019 World Pole Dance Championships was going to be in Ireland there was no doubt that this was her chance to compete.


Mimi and her mum traveled to Belfast to be a part of the UK team.

It was not an easy category as it was age category 14-18 with some amazing pole athletes from around the world.


Mimi was 14 at the time and she placed 3rd and won ‘best tricks’ for her routine which was about fitting in to the the ‘norm’ and bringing awareness to being different from the crowd, a topic that Mimi has felt very strongly about for a long time.


It was a dream come true to be able to stand holding the Union Jack representing the UK team.


Please find Mimi's worlds routine and an explanation of what her routine is about below.

  • Costume - Fi Bourke
  • Hair - Kelly James
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