After winning Pole Theatre UK Youth category it meant that Mimi qualified to enter Pole Theatre UK Semi-Pro in 2019 should she wish to do so.


Mimi had an idea for the Semi-Pro competition so entered with low expectations of actually getting through as the standard was so much higher in this category and she also chose drama category again which is always very popular.


To Mimi’s surprise she got through to the final and decided to do the routine that she had thought of which was Romeo and Juliet, a book she was studying in the English class at school.

Mimi had the idea that the would have a friend of her’s play Romeo and her Brother and another friend play Benvolio and Mercuito to really bring her story to life.


Rather than copying the actual story Mimi wanted to mix things up and have a happy ending to the tragic love story and to also be creative and personal to her.


Her routine to ‘Love Story’ by Taylor Swift was successful and won her 1st place in the Drama category.

  • Costume - Fi Bourke
  • Hair - Kelly James
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