The truth is Mimi wouldn't be where she is if it hadn't have been for this lady, Ruth Vass.


As you will read in Mimi's blogs, Ruth has played a massive part in Mimi's pole life and she enabled her to find her love for pole by being the only one to teach her.


As you can see from this picture, Mimi has always looked up to Ruth and as the years fly by she still does and always will.


Mimi will be eternally grateful to Ruth.

Mimi's first pole performance and competition was at Newbury Talent 3 where she performed a beautiful routine to 'To Where you are' by G4 in her late Grandfathers memory.

Dressed as a little angel, Mimi took to the stage and wow'd the judges and the audience with her emotional and powerful yet different performance.


Mimi placed 2nd at Newbury Talent 3 and was the first youth pole act the judges had ever seen.

Mimi auditioned for the Sky One TV show 'Got To Dance' and shocked the judges bringing them somthing that they had never seen before.


With her pole beside her Mimi performed to 'I Dreamed A Dream' in front of Adam Garcia, Kimberly Wyatt and Ashley Banjo.


They were stunned by her strength, grace and beauty and even tweeted about her after the show.


This was an amazing experience for Mimi and for building awareness for kids who pole.


Mimi's family and instructors, Ruth and Hannah came along to watch her audition. 

Mimi became the first Wink Fitness Brand Ambassador back in 2016.

After taking part in a photoshoot for the launch of Wink's childrens range of pole and fitness wear, Wink asked Mimi if she would like to be their first Youth Brand Ambassador.

Mimi was honoured to be asked as Wink was always her favourite brand and she has been working with them ever since. Wink always support Mimi as she is currently Wink's only youth ambassador and encourage her to follow her dreams and support her with whatever she decides, they work very closely with each other and make a great team.

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