As we all know with any extreme sport there are always accidents and Mimi is no stranger to falls and pole fails but the accident that happened in May 2018 could have been life changing for Mimi and her family.


Mimi was training on her usual sunday morning at the studio and she had seen a move from one of her idols that she wanted to try.


Mimi was always happy to try new moves and would always have her Mum spot her as she believes in training safe.


Mimi had attempted this move with a crash mat down and her Mum spotting her a few times and was feeling confident to try it by herself, again with a crash mat down for safety.


It was a back flip from the floor but as Mimi started the move she fell backwards landing directly on her neck pushing her head to one side and fell facedown.


Mimi's mum stopped recording and ran over to Mimi telling her not to move.


On her knees next to a shocked Mimi, Kelly looked back over the footage to see exactly how she had fallen.


Kelly had knowledge of first aid and decided that Mimi was not to be moved before the emergency services had checked her over as neck injuries could be life changing if not treated correctly so she called for an ambulance.


The ambulance arrive and Kelly showed them the footage of Mimi's fall and they didn't think twice, Mimi had to be moved very carefully and taken to hospital urgently.


As Mimi was moved by the crew it was apparent that Mimi had a dislocated shoulder so Mimi had gas and air to turn her and put her shoulder back into place then she was put into a neck brace and stretchered into the ambulance and taken to hospital.


Mimi had to have an urgent CT scan when we arrived to A&E and the specialists were shown the footage of Mimi's fall.


Kelly and Mimi were prepared for the worst after the doctors saw the video of Mimi's fall and as they came in with the results they looked shocked.


The doctors were amazed that there was no damage done to Mimi's neck or spine from her fall. They said that due to her flexibility it must have been what saved Mimi from a broken neck and life changing injuries and apart from Mimi being a little bit achy she would make a full recovery. Also having a crash mat down would have helped as well.


Mimi is not sure if it was her shoulder dislocating as she went into the back flip that caused her to fall or if the fall caused her shoulder to dislocate but the next day Mimi tried the move again with her her Mum, Kelly spotting her to make sure that she wasn't afraid to do the move in the future and completed it beautifully.


Mimi hasn't tried the move since and doesn't plan on ever putting it into a routine any time soon but all is well that ends well, a miracle some might say.


The video of Mimi's fall is on her instagram account here is a link if you would like to have a look at Mimi's instagram as she has all of her training videos and up to date information on there.


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