If you are looking for a new workout outfit WINK is the place to find it...... Here are some of the WINK outfits I love the most.

The 'Mimi' Set by WINK

This outfit was made for me as it is very comfortable to wear, it covers up but leaves the parts of your body you need to use to grip the pole.

I was walking around Venice Beach in California quite happily wearing this as shorts and a top.

I love the vibrant purple colour on the waist band and the diamanté 'M' with a x.

The Terri and Lisette Set in Sea Breeze

The Neon Pink Monokini by WINK

This set is one of my favorites because it covers up my tummy area and has cut out sides so that I can still grip the pole.

With a cross over at the back, it is a very unique design and the Neon Pink is a very bright colour. 


Photo Credit: Val Rose - Feather Photography.

The Empress Set in Apple Green and Black by WINK.

A very unique design in a fresh green colour.

The cross over design keeps me well covered and it is made from Lycra so its stretchy and moves with your body.


The Justice Set by WINK

Wink’s newest set is so versatile with straps attached to the shorts I can wear them anyway I like. 

This set has so much detail and is so comfortable to wear its defiantly one of my favorites. 

The Athena Set by Wink

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